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Mostly experienced shooting portraits, weddings and event type assignments (concerts and such). Can direct but don’t really like to because it shows in the results. Like to blend in and capture honest moments. What do they label this? Journalistic style. Yeah, that’s it. That box. Have also shot pets and editorial stuff, landscape. I’m also open to cinematography projects. If you’d like to get an estimate for any of the before mentioned or you have a certain project in mind, please contact me. I’m comfortable shooting digital and film. Tools seem to have boiled down to a Canon 6D for digital work. Canon 7 rangefinder for 35mm film & Pentax 6×7 for medium format film.

Two short notes about wedding and portrait shoots. I do not have a studio mostly because of the above mentioned reasons. Tip. Whenever you go out for a shoot, with whomever, stressing over things like: what am I supposed to do with myself, my body, my limbs, my face?! Remember the words of Bill Hicks, “Hey, don’t worry.  Don’t be afraid, ever.  Because this is just a ride.It is just a ride! Relax, be yourself. You do not have to pose. Take it easy :)

Same applies for weddings. Usually a wedding package includes the following but of course we can tailor things to your  specific needs. Again, for a details, rates, options, terms and conditions, please contact me.

  • A pre-wedding session, which is a casual shoot in casual clothes, a walk, a drink, a chat. Usually serves as a means for us to get to know each other a little better. Is also “supposed to” make you get comfy with a camera. :)
  • Main photo-shoot at a couple of locations we discuss and agree upon in advance.
  • Coverage of the civil marriage& the BIG “Yes, I do!” at church.
  • Coverage of the Wedding-Party, until cake is cut. This usually means ~2 am. If this event is scheduled for later, extra costs apply.
  • One custom made (no presets), premium quality album with a page count of minimum 20 pages.
  • A web gallery posted and hosted on www.fehephotography.com, so you can easily share with friends and family.

While we’re at it here is a list born from personal experience. Humble recommendations for the bride, groom, friends and family.

Don’t pose. For most of you, being the center of constant attention, being photographed might be new, uncomfortable, strange even. Try not to think too much about whether your lips look good or not from that angle. Just let go. Forget about the camera and enjoy, be yourself. The photographer will do his thing. The best photos tend to be the ones in which people don’t know they’re being photographed (aka they don’t pose) or they don’t get intimidated or think about the big-bad camera. The ones that reflect a true, uninhibited self.

Casual clothes. By all means wear casual, comfy clothes on the pre-wedding shoot! Clothes you feel good in but bear in mind that casual doesn’t mean pajamas or the jeans you painted your apartment in last summer unless you really want to. Whatever :) just bare in mind that these photos will end up in your album. Try to avoid clothes with branding (guys on horses or crocodiles) as much as possible. Stay away from glitter, tiger or lion skin imitation-ish pants and so on, unless you want us to do a themed photo-shoot :)

Sleep. Get enough rest (at least) before your wedding day. Resist the “let’s go out one last time” kind of invites from friends. These usually have a tendency to stretch ’till dawn and will heavily tax your eyes, mood and precious energy levels. Kindly refuse late night visits from relatives, friends, before the big day. Reminiscing about good old times also tend to take long hours that will cost you dark circles under your eyes the next day that no amount of makeup, photoshop, camera gear or photographer can make disappear.

Makeup & hair. This is for the ladies. I know you eyeballed that hair and makeup for months. I know it’s your big day, but… See how it looks on you several weeks/months before the event. Take it for a spin. Maybe it looks great on that specific photo, model, from that certain angle but that doesn’t necessarily mean you will like how it looks on yourself. Don’t be “that” bride. “What was I thinking?!”. You might have surprises that’s all I’m saying and it’s better to have a bad surprise while you still can do something about it. Don’t mess up your hair with some extreme fancy stuff you don’t usually wear. I’ve seen this countless times. Ladies looking much better on a casual day than they do on their big day (personal opinion). I’m not trying to change your mind here. It’s just a humble advice for you to consider. Also applies to makeup. Test it before you commit. See how it looks, feels and if it lasts.

Dress code. This one’s for the guests. It’s an unwritten rule but I’m going to write it down, because not everybody seems to know it. Do not, under any circumstance, overdress the bride! I know the temptation is big, lot’s of people will be there and everybody will be feasting their eyes, gossiping about each others outfit but let’s keep them chatting and gossiping about the bride, not you. It is her day/night, her time to shine! It is a unique occasion for them, respect that. Doing otherwise is rude, impolite, indelicate, -insert more harsh, discouraging words here-.

Mood. Put your personal mood swings in the trunk, leave them at home. Again. This event is about them, not you. Getting drunk, making a scene will backfire, ruin the party for everyone. Don’t neglect the trust and kindness they showed towards you by inviting you to their special event in their life. Be civilized. They won’t forget it.

Help. This one’s for the parents, friends. Try to help the couple. Getting calls from people who come to the event from another city asking for directions while on the main shoot or driving to a location is pretty frustrating. The stress of making a huge step in life and constantly focusing on making sure everything goes well is enough. If you can, help them out by taking tasks like that off their hands. In an ideal situation the bride and groom should only worry about having a good time.

Keep calm & fehe each other :) Bride and groom. I know the pressure is huge, but remember. It is just a ride :) Don’t let some small insignificant detail ruin your day. Be prepared, be well rested, put everything else aside.

Questions & Answers

Q: Why does it take so long for you to deliver the final product? Other photographers do same day delivery and albums are ready the next day or a week, tops!

A: There’s an old saying, cheap things are not good, good things are not cheap. The kind of photos you get on the night of the wedding are mostly raw files. They just copy-paste and print them. That’s it. No color correction, blemish, wrinkle removal or other fine detail tuning is done. That might seem “nice” when you get them because of the adrenaline and because they’re new to the eye but when you look at them the next day, they won’t seem so “cool” as they did the night before. You’ll be like, “Well grandpa’s pictures are slightly better”. Same thing applies to the albums that these people “deliver” in such a short notice.

Final products you get from Fehephotography go trough a thorough process (my close ones say they are over the top thorough, “most people will never notice”, bla, bla, yes, maybe but I will and I want to sleep well at night). Photos are carefully selected, processed, fine tuned. After the photos are boiled down and selected comes the creation of the album. No templates are used. It’s all custom made from scratch. No two albums will ever be the same. Even the individual frames around certain photos are custom drawn. Deciding which photos work together the best and how many should fit on a page / spread so it is all balanced, requires time and creativity. The devil is in the details. The small details make a huge difference. I don’t just drag and drop them in some predefined template in the order they were shot and send them to print. Products created using templates and mass-production optimized workflows leave a cheap taste in my mouth. Plus considering the fact that these albums are made for life and hopefully even your grandchildren will flip trough them, not to mention that this is a once in a lifetime event. On of the best days in the bride and the groom’s life documented… I think these should be treated accordingly so yeah, they take “long”. You be the judge. Long is a relative term. You get what you pay for, they say.

Q: Why do your services cost so much?!

A: In the case of wedding photography services, a couple’s one, maximum two months salary in exchange for sometimes months of intensive work that will result in a unique, custom product, created with precision and heart, that will last for a lifetime and that you and your family will treasure and flip trough even with your grandchildren is, I think, a good deal. I won’t go into describing how much work hours, effort, energy and resources goes into all this, not to mention the money invested in photo gear, software licenses, computer hardware, insurance and so on. Did I mention the hours learning the craft? You decide how much things are worth to you and what feelings you want to summon every time you touch, flip trough or show your wedding album to someone.

I’d rather work more, on fewer jobs and deliver quality products that meet my standards, than to give out a hundreds of small, rushed, low quality work that I wouldn’t be proud of.