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Howdy’! Have a minute? 1:06 actually :) Made a stopmotion video, for the missis for her handmade knitwear projectread more »

Film Not Dead

I’ve received an old Seagull 4A type, medium format, film camera from this here lady below, as a gift about a yearread more »

Environmental portrait session with Mostis Gergo

The following portraits were shot at Oradea / Nagyvarad. Upon the clients request we made several, covering multipleread more »

Photo story – Mechanize

Another short story. The last one from the session with B. I’ve really enjoyed creating these. Earth hour isread more »

Photo story – Wild Beast

This next one is about love… The story is fictional, the model has nothing to do with it. Any and all similaritiesread more »

Photo story – Reconcile

We had the opportunity to photography B. Thank you! From all the raw material I managed to tailor a story. A photo storyread more »

Photo story – Teaser

Went on another environmental portrait session with B. and my G.F. …and it’s ‘been a while since Iread more »