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Wine tasting at the Nachbil winery

Wine tasting at the Nachbil winery with Mr. Johann Brutler

Went on a one-day road-trip, not so long ago. Our primary goal for that day was to get to the Nachbil winery (Romania, Satu Mare county, Beltiug) and meet the Brutler family. I was a little bit nervous when we arrived Smile but the anxiety quickly evaporated after we got to meet Mr. Johann Brutler. A man who’s kindness, hospitality and last but not least, philosophy about doing things resonates deeply. There aren’t many people left out there with such passion. Prioritizing quality over quantity and convenience!!

Hi-tech equipment, nowhere to be found, but instead there was soul …and it shows in the final product! The gold medals they get for their wine, agree with that. Everything was clean and old-school.

WARNING! Merlot! :)

After some necessary small talk Smile Mr. Brutler showed us the cellars and later on we wandered off into the hills where this great vine is born. The scenery was beautiful… but I’m getting ahead of myself :) Mr. Brutler honored us by taking us to one of his private cellars where he stores some of his favorite and most prized possessions!

There were many WOW moments …and Mr. Brutler appreciated them :)

After the cellars we hopped back into the Lada Niva. The car didn’t look like much and it has probably seen better days (I don’t know what kind of divine force was holding that car together, honestly), but boy-oh-boy did it go. It took us places unreachable by any other vehicle I know of. Ok, maybe a Dodge Ram could live up to the task but I just might be biased :) It ate anything and everything nature could throw at it! All the hills with all it’s pits and holes. We could almost hear the car’s cynical laugh “lol“-ing. “Is this all you got?!” Now I know, why it’s such a legendary car.

We were in his sanctuary. Where any and all problems go away as Mr. Brutler said :)

We enjoyed the ride …and the view, needless to say…

After our arrival back to headquarters we couldn’t help not-noticing the touch of a woman, Mrs. Brutler’s, saturating the surrounding area. BTW, she’s on her way to earn the prestigious MW (Master of Wine) qualification! How cool is that!

Then came the highlight moment, the wine tasting!! With a surprise meal. Both, on the house! We dined with Mr. and Mrs. Brutler in the company of their finest wine. Mmhhhh-mhhhhhh!!

We even tasted some yet-to-be bottled juice ;)

I’m not going to comment on the tastes we experienced. For that him and her are much better qualified. Just follow their blog. The post is in the works from what I’ve heard.

Good times…

They refused to let us leave without a little token of their gratitude (A six pack) :)

It was a very pleasant experience. I’m very happy to have met Mr. Brutler. He has my deepest respect and it’s really comforting to know that there still are people out there, who have values… and put heart & soul into what they do. Thank you for everything, again sir, köszönöm, köszönjük!


You also might want to check out their Facebook page.

:: [ SC Weingut Brutler & Lieb – 447040 Beltiug, Jud. Satu Mare, Romania ] ::

:: [ tel : +40 261 870 200 / e-mail : office@nachbil.com ] ::


It was time for us to head back home… but we made a few pit-stops, since it wasn’t quite night time yet.

We visited a 800 year old church @ Ákos.

Awesome place.

After we left the premises, we felt a little hungry so we scouted out a nice location for us to have a mini-picnic.

…and some target practice :D

Epilogue. After all that, we headed back home, for real this time. By the time we got there it was pretty dark. That didn’t stop us from taking a couple-more candid shots of the treat we got from Mr. Brutler.

Wine tasting at the Nachbil winery with Mr. Johann Brutler

Hope this finds you well. Greetings!

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