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Gaspar & Eszter’s Wedding

Not so long ago we had to honor of documenting a young couple’s very special day @ Cluj Napoca, Romania. I’m talking about Bartalus Gaspar & Eszter :) Them folks might be familiar, from a previous post here on Fehephotography. If not, you might want to check them out before you start to digging deeper into this post. Clicking here will take you right to it ;) as for the rest of you…

Without any further ado :) I give you…

Gazsi! The main man!

Handsome fellow :)

My name is Bond… I mean Bartalus, Gaspar Bartalus :)

We rushed over to the Queen’s location to witness the black-magic-like ingeniousness, this skilled hairdresser used to transform Eszter and take us all back to 20’s – 30’s. Check it out…

WOW moment, right there!

She approves :D

It’s a crowded city full of young folk :) Crowded in a good way, but we needed some nice peace and quiet to complete the preparations.

Beautiful-beautiful dress…

Mom, adding the finishing touch.


Double WOW.
Tripple WOW!

Gazsi is a lucky guy.

…and we’re off to the church.

But not just any Church. St. Michael’s Church. It’s worth checking out if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Gazsi, eagerly waiting his soul mate to appear at the entrance and see her, for the first time in all her glory. 
Maybe she changed her mind, son… :)
…but then :)
Witnesses please sign here…
aaaand here :)
Both daddies were really proud.
I have to admit, I also get emotional at times like these… I feel happy for these guys…
The weather favored us, plus we still had a little time window so we took advantage of it and went to the Botanical Garden, to shoot some purrty’ pictures :)
Had a lot of fun :)
…but the (sun) clock :) was ticking & guests were waiting.
The young weds got a very warm welcome :)
The place looked gorgeous thanks to Events Design Boutique & Emma Cremma. ;)
Mmmmhh… :)

Just so you know, Gazsi’s father made the tasteful beverage. Home made & bottled wine. They should really consider growing this into a business. Honestly.
After the first dance it was a free for all :)

Surprise, surprise :) These (tasty beverages ;) &) games really elevate the spirits and get the party rolling.
Everyone was having a blast, young & the elderly alike :)
Nobody was paying attention so the Bride got stolen.
…and this good samaritan didn’t need much convincing to get his hands dirty and act as THE getaway driver :D
Have a little faith Gazsi :)
Even the staff (Tamas Biusztro) was having a great time! :)
Eventually the bride returned and the demands to get her back were met :)
By singing :)
I really like this frame :)
This Mister, just so you know, is a certified Wine Knight! :) That’s how Wine Knights party :)
We are young” :) Remember?
The spirit does NOT age.
Deliciousnessss :)

For those of you, curious about the wedding album and it’s contents, it’s currently available on the ipad/pod/phone for download, free of charge, just tap here. For those of you who don’t own one, don’t worry. I want to add it to this post later on. I just haven’t found a decent, good looking solution (plugin) yet. Lastly there’s the option of visiting and getting your hands on the REAL-DEAL @ G. & E. :) They also have all the digital negatives and the edited photographs. Maybe this last option is the best :)

Hope this finds you well. May all your wishes, dreams come true G. & E.. I wish you the best!

Greetings :)

David margit - Gyonyoru munka. Gratulalok Szabolbcs. Buszke vagyok rad. :)

Bartalus Gaspar - Oly nagy volt a “buli”, hogy a zakokra kituzott rozsabimbo a vegere lekonyult !
Valoban minden szuper volt.

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