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Catalin David & Adela Marieta’s Wedding

Fehephotography PROUDLY presents… -drumsCatalin & Adela’s wedding!!

First of all, I’d like to thank Adela and Catalin for inviting me. Second, I’d like to thank the “rest” (you know who you are) for their patience. I hope you’ll find all this waiting worth it. I’ve put blood and sweat in this, working late nights after coming home from “the day job“, that being one of the reasons it took so long. Below a little soundtrack for you to listen to while browsing trough the photos. Just hit play.

…the en… I mean, beginning!! Best of luck to you!! Understanding and compassion and the whole package!!

To the peeps who couldn’t find themselves, don’t worry. You also have the option to view the gallery with over 1900 photos, covering the whole event. Galleries have a cap of 200 images / gallery, that’s why there are several. Here we go: Gallery 1Gallery 2Gallery 3Gallery 4Gallery 5Gallery 6Gallery 7Gallery 8Gallery 9Gallery 10.

Sorry if you find some of the images noisy or whatnot. I did my best with the gear I had (Canon 400D). Noise and artifacts, sometimes… when they are intended (and are not only a sign that you reached your gears limitations) and a good thing. Can add to the feeling of an image. I’m not trying to justify, I’m just saying. Gear is not so important. In case that’s not enough, you might wanna’ check out the points of view of the other two guys sharing the same passion, including the prime (hired) photographer and the other peep’s photos (free advertising, how cool is that?) here, here and here.

I’d also like to thank Mr. Prime Photographer a great, funny guy. :) I’d like to thank the guys who gave me a lift with their car from point A to point B in that *bleep*y weather. I’m really glad I met and could hang out with all you! It was a honor… and if on top of all that, by accident I made somebody smile or feel all soft and warm inside :) by telling Adela and Catalin’s wedding story with the help of a camera (aka you like the pictures), than all the sweat was truly worth it!

Hope this finds you well. Hope you got someone to love. Feeling loved is very important, but loving that’s a necessity. Some more smart-ass-wisdom that might help down the road, in the shape of a quote, from a guy I know: “It’s the easiest thing in the world to do to throw it all away instead of enduring until the end but it’s a function of love or the freedom and mobility of the human condition, or whatever you want to embody it as, to decide that something is worth the sacrifice to obtain.” NK

 Here’s another playlist in case you plan to browse the galleries. They don’t make good music like this anymore.

Again, thank you! I wish you all the best and I wish there were more people like you out there!

Greetings! :)

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