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Accidentally Lost You

A long-long time ago… in 2012 actually :) a friend asked if I’d be interested in shooting a music video for an upcoming band he plays in with the lead singer being Marius Pop. I accepted the challenge and we did what had to be done. My job should have ended there, but after having the raw material on them’ memory cards, since I like having control &doing things from start to finish, I asked if they’d have anything against me, giving a shot at editing it. Cut it, sync it, master it. They were cool with it. As soon as I got the studio recorded audio, I started pushing buttons. Ever noticed that having deadlines breathing down on your neck helps getting “s*it” done? :)

So without further ado’ I give you, my first ever music video clip, shot, cut, synced, edited by yours truly.

The version that went online, officially can be viewed by clicking here (song composed and produced by Marius Pop and Alex Racovita) and in case you’re interested in some behind the scenes footage… :) anyways, your feedback, as always is much appreciated so don’t hold back. I’ve waited for this day for quite a while and I’m really proud that I can finally share it with you!

Cheers and greetings from the city of rain!

PS: Gotta shout out a BIG Thank You to (ladies first) Brigitta Balogh, Anca Nicoleta, Laura Andreea Flora, and of course Marius Pop, all the “Alex”-s :) Alex Szuz, Alex Stingu, Alex Racovita, Alex Flora and last but not least Emanuel Toma!

Thank you guys for the opportunity and the good time.

Wishing you the best of luck in your future endeavours!

David Margit - :)

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